Airships are a common form of travel in the Amravati Desert, and in Kazdan as a whole. Powered by combustables and kept aloft with alchemical gases, airships are a convenient way to avoid (most of) the dangers found outside of cities, towns, and civilization in general.

More often than not the airship and her captain are from Rakatan, the goblin city found in the Stoveshing Mountain Range to the northwest of Zann. Travel by airship can cut down the trip time by approximately seventy percent depending on air currents. For example the time for travel from Kazdan to Zann is five days but the return trip is usually greater than ten.

Purchasing an airship is not easy, despite their relative prominence in the kingdom. Both the magical and mundane methods used to produce the parts and mechanisms in airships are closely gaurded secrets known by only a select few members in the Kazdan Airship Guild. A monopoly is tightly held by these guilds, but prices are still affordable for the populace in order to gaurantee revenue.

The airship industry as a whole has been affected by the Nashik Conflict.