Your trip concludes after a five day airship flight. Airships, of course, are preferable for crossing the Amravati Desert compared to over land. The stifling heat, scorpions, dust diggers, and innumerable other dangers thrive in the sands and shrubs of the Amravati. There exists one oasis within its expanse: the city of Zann, your destination.

But enough about the city. You'll have time enough to explore it on your own. You are here not by choice, but by assignment. [Insert Dougal's Character's name], you were at one time a detective in the metropolis and capital Kazdan (the city and country share names). Having been a stand-out rookie, you made a name for yourself for believing what others wouldn't, and seeking answers where others failed to look. You have a knack for stepping on toes, demanding an explanation, and most importantly finding the truth. Ever the logician, you are (in)famous for considering what others never do: the impossible. In your mind, the failure of the common constable is that when all logical conclusions have been ruled out, he fails to consider the illogical. Your combination of intuition, motivation, and atypical approach to fighting crime turned you into the laughingstock of the city, resulting in your transfer to Zann hundreds of miles away. Little do they know that your skills are just what the city may need. In a time when all seems in equilibrium, the city is poised to be thrown off kilter.

You have touched down in Zann on Wealday 14th of Rova, 2476, the third day in the week, ready to move your modest amount of belongings into a government apartment, and meet your superiors.