The Zann School of Magic is a gated campus on the south side of the Magic Quarter. Surrounded by stone walls overgrown with ivy (despite not being a native plant to the Amravati Desert) the only way into the campus is through the stone gates that lies along Firesky Boulevard. It is comprised of five buildings: two dormitories of two floors each, one single story lecture building, one three story lecture building, and the school library.

The university is administered by a President, Vice President, and a Head Dean. These positions are occupied by Professor Isam Tarbol, Professor Demarco Banoli, and Professor Stimrit Kendington, respectively.

The mission of the school is to teach the 'gifted' (in the magical sense) youth in the ways of the seven magic arts. Before the Nashik Conflict the school, and Zann as a whole, often incorporated magic into everyday life of the city's citizens. Since that time however a large majority of the students at the school have been either conscripted or volunteered their services for King and country. The result is a school with very few scholars in training. There are rarely more than around a dozen students at the school (too few to warrant a faculty of ten), being mostly either too young, handicapped in some way, or non-Kazdanian citizens.

The condition of its academics aside, the Zann School of Magic remains the prominent locus of learning the magical arts in the country of Kazdan. Its halls are largely vacant but secrets concerning knowledge and more certainly exist on its campus.